How to clean the lampshade – smart house cleaning ideas

A lampshade – a decoration element

Your lamp’s stylish lampshade is a lovely ornament. The options are really endless: woven, fabric, paper, metal, glass. Under no circumstances should you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the cloth lampshade. There are further contraindications in addition to the doubtful purity of the vacuum cleaner tip.

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How to do it?

The points’ frequently sharp edges of the vacuum can harm the fabric. With a horsehair painting brush, this kind of lampshade is simple to clean. Use a brush to lightly dust the lampshade, and then a damp sponge to clean it. To clean models made of paper, glass, or metal, use a cotton cloth. Never mind microfiber. Its strands dent metal and glass.

Lampshades made of metal, plastic, or adhesive should be washed in the bathtub according to the manufacturer’s directions. To prevent rust, make sure to completely dry the metal after washing.

To avoid scratching the tub’s bottom, place a non-slip mat there. Add baby shampoo or wool washing solutions to the warm water in the bathtub before soaking your feet. Use a soft sponge to thoroughly clean every crevice, then rinse and let dry on a towel that has been spread out. Use an alcohol-soaked cotton cloth to clean glass lampshades to prevent staining.

Let’s see the cleaning step by step.

In light of this, there are several methods for cleaning a lampshade, depending on the material and the kind of grime. For most lampshades, you can follow the general methods listed below:

Remove the lamp’s plug before removing the shade and light bulb.

Utilize a microfiber cloth, a feather duster, a lint roller, a feather duster, or a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment to dust the lampshade. For pleated shades or shades with decorations, you can also use an electric duster or a paintbrush with delicate bristles.

You can try using a toothbrush or a soft sponge bathed in warm, soapy water to remove stains off the lampshade. Avoid rubbing too vigorously and use a light detergent. To aid in removing grease and discoloration, you can also add some baking soda or white vinegar to the water.

If the lampshade is extremely dirty, you can soak it for about 10 minutes in a big bathtub or sink full of warm, soapy water. Rotate the shade to distribute the moisture equally across all surfaces. Rinse the shade well to get rid of any dirt and residue.

Before replacing the lampshade on the lamp, let it to thoroughly dry out in the air. You can hang it using a skirt hanger with clips or set it on a towel. To hasten the drying process, you can also use a hair dryer on low heat.

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