How to Heat a Sunroom with Portable Heaters

Usually, a Sunroom is a home addition designed to receive as much light. It is the room where you can relax and feel like you are outside, enjoying, in the same time, the comfort of your home.

You want to use this room all year long, but when winter arrives, the sunlight will not be enough to heat the room and to provide you the necessary comfort.

Therefore, let’s consider some portable heaters that are capable of heating sunrooms during wintertime.

1. Electric Baseboard Heater

In fact, operating principle of Electric Baseboard Heater is similar to that of their Hot Water counterparts.


The both radiate heat near the baseboard, one from electrical heating coils and another one from hot water pipes. Both have the same low profile.


The Electric Baseboard Heaters are portables unlike the Hot Water Baseboard Heaters.

The Electric Baseboard Heaters are not so powerful like their Hot Water counterparts, but they are able to warm small sunrooms quickly and efficient. Unfortunately, even if they work continuously, they are not able to warm a larger sunroom.

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2. Fan-Forced Ceramic Heater

Fan-Forced Ceramic Heaters are effective for heating offices or small sunrooms.

The working principle is very simple. The heat emitted from metal coils is accumulated in the ceramic plates and then is pushed by a fan in the right direction.

Although this type of heater is not suitable for heating large rooms, it still has a great advantage. You can focus the heat beam in the desired direction.

However, if the heater is working constantly, it will be able to heat gradually the whole room.

Another advantage of this type of heater is that you can control the fan speed, so you can control the ambient temperature.

3. Electric Tabletop Heater

There are many types of tabletop heaters but in fact, they come in two varieties, electric and gas heaters.

However, because our subject is an indoor heated room, the only type of heater, suitable for interior heating is electric.

This type of heater will heat faster its spot than the rest of the room. It is quite convenient for a person who prefers to sit in his or her chair and enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Not to mention the fact all the heater controls are mounted on their casing. This makes the heater control be facile and convenient for you.

 4. Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is similar to all other electric heaters listed above, except that is less portable.

The advantage is primarily aesthetic. The electric fireplace creates the appearance of a real fire. Your sunroom will be more elegant and inviting.

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