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Every enthusiast of furniture is troubled by the issue of personal style in furnishings. Do you prefer to keep things simple? Whether it’s rustic in a rural house style, shabby-chic with Scandinavian design, or romantically playful with shabby-chic furniture. Is the historic design appropriate, or do you want to employ nautical decor to bring the sea into your home? Style is, in general, usually quite individual: Our homes are a reflection of our lives, our choices, and our requirements. They also reveal our likes, our loves, and who we are. Things are either liked or disliked, and very few people fully commit to a single style.

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What style do I like?

What do I actually like? Often, the answer to this question is not that simple. It is beneficial to look more closely at your surroundings, such as what is in your wardrobe. Your own tastes for patterns, colors, and shapes become obvious if you gather your favorite pieces. Other beloved items like flowers, couches, or pieces of art also display your personal flair.

Find your feel-good colors!

Colours have a profound impact on the tone and impact of a space. Each person has a unique sense of well-being and requires a variety of colors. You may create specific effects using the colors of your furnishings, walls, floors, and textiles. The color scheme and parquet pattern provide a nice overview, allowing you to choose the colors you prefer most.

Find great ideas!

On the search for furnishing styles, any ideas are acceptable. So that you can begin gathering naturally. Material comes from magazine excerpts about fashion, art, living worlds, pictures, or other discarded items like fabrics or fliers. Another nearly limitless source of inspiration can be found online, for instance on blogs or in the look books of your favorite brands.

Get inspired and creative!

A collage is the most effective tool for putting your particular living style into perspective. Your thoughts can be arranged in a theme-based order or just simply pinned together on a board (you can also do this on a computer using the appropriate program).

The personal collage swiftly reveals a tangible representation of one’s own preferences: favorite colors, materials, patterns, techniques, and inspirations are assembled as a mirror of one’s own (living) style. You can use the collage as a reference for your own interior design time and time again, but you must keep in mind that developing an own aesthetic requires effort and time. There are also current trends, which come and go, but eventually everyone will discover what truly characterizes them.

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