How to Keep Fresh Your Christmas Tree

How to choose the freshest Christmas tree

If you want your Christmas tree to be fresh, you should use the sniff test. First, you have to break e needle to see if the tree is moist. After that, brush your hand against a branch. If many of the needles fall off, the tree is already drying out.

Make a fresh cut

When you bring your tree home, you should saw off the bottom half inch of the trunk. This way, you will remove the sap seal that formed when the tree was cut; the new cut will allow the tree to freely take up water. If you do not want to do the cut yourself, ask the tree seller to do it for you before you leave.

Give your tree plenty of water

There is a rule to keep your tree fresh. Feed it a quart of water for each inch of the trunk’s diameter. A moist tree will need to have their water topped off daily.

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Less heat

When you choose the lights for your tree, you should opt for miniature LED lights to decorate it. The miniature lights produce less heat and this way your tree will live longer.

Use a humidifier

In order to keep your fresh longer, use a humidifier will help the tree needles to remain moist all the holiday season.

Recycle your tree

After the holiday is over, go to to find a center near your area to turn your tree into wood chips.

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