Beautiful Scandinavian-Inspired Apartments

Scandinavian-inspired design and decorating has proven to be an utmost influence and inspiration on contemporary design. In this short video you can admire modern Scandinavian apartment designs.

Nordic-Inspired Style Apartments | Scandinavian Style Design #27 (video)

Amazing interior design ideas. Bright Scandinavian-inspired apartments.

Let’s picture together just two stunning apartments:

First one a unique and gorgeous penthouse apartment with huge skylight that let plenty of natural light to get inside.

L-shaped modern open-plan that brings together a modern kitchen and a minimalist dining room. The space is bright with hardwood flooring throughout.

Large and wide windows and sliding door leads to a balcony-terrace.

Living room is cozy, warm and inviting. You can also have access from living room in the balcony.

The second apartment is also a penthouse with a unique design.

The walls are painted in white and it has a gorgeous hardwood floor.

Simple furnished and decorated but with an elegant look.

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