How to Live in Small Spaces | 3 Tips that Make a BIG Difference

If you are in situation (and most of us are in this situation) to have a small home, there are three steps that you should keep in mind to be able to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Small spaces have always been the concern of designers and architects because they represent a challenge in their planning so that residents can live comfortably and well as possible.

So if you are in a position to have a small home, there are three steps that need to be considered to be able to make your life easier.

1.     Lighting

It’s easy to get used to live in a small space, but living in a small dark space becomes quite difficult. Light has the power to transform a room.

Use natural light available to your home and even amplify it as much as possible, but have in mind not to highlight the furniture. Position your furniture in areas that do not receive direct daylight.

Use reflective surfaces, such as glossy ones or mirrors; they will increase the amplitude of the light and create a feeling of a space enlargement.

In terms of artificial light, you should have in mind that it should be enough for you, this including both ambient light and the one required for the work area. It is well known that a well lit room, no matter how small it is, will seem larger.

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2.     Organization and Storage

It is goes without saying that, in a small space, organization and storage has the most important part.

The furniture with enclosures and added and recessed storage options or shelves are the most appropriate and will help you quit the habit to collect items that you don’t need. Also, boxes and wicker baskets will help you stay orderly and selective at the same time so as to keep only the necessary items.

3.     Flexibility

In a small space where you are forced to realize several activities, flexible configuration and multifunctional furniture will help you maximize space and perform all your activities of daily living, in optimal conditions.

When purchasing furniture, look for pieces that have multiple uses or can be extended, such as coffee table with storage, sofa, folding table, a desk, which may extend into a dining table, small chairs, equipped with storage solutions, folding chairs.

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