How to Feed Your Dog not to Gain Weight

Dog as human being needs a balanced diet for a long and healthy life. In general, commercial food can guarantee you this, because it contains only ingredients rich in nutrients that are easily digestible.

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Commercial Foods: However, if you feed your “best friend” with commercial foods, follow the directions on the package label, which show how much you need to give your pet. It is well known that many dogs are affected by obesity, because their owners do not follow these guidelines, providing much larger portions and even more often than recommended.

How Often to Feed Your Dog: Veterinarians recommend that dog owners to feed their pets older than 12-14 months twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, observing the amount of each serving on the food bag label.

Feeding an Active Dog: If you have an active dog, you should not feed it immediately after the exercise, to avoid causing him digestive problems. In addition, if you want to give him another type of food, you should talk to your doctor to be sure your pet has a proper diet.

Meals Program: Experts also say that a dog should have a tight schedule meal. If you want to teach him this, when you pour the food in its bowl, let him eat only 10-12 minutes, even if it does not eat all in this time. Next time, follow the same rule and you will see him that gradually gets used to this schedule required by you. However, if you notice that during this time he does not eat too much, and that over several days, you should make a visit to the veterinarian, as it may be a sign of illness for your dog.

Changing the Diet: It is extremely important that when watching changing your dog’s diet, to do it gradually. Experts recommend that for ten days to mix the old type of food with the new one and the ratio of the new one to grow daily. Thus, your dog will get used to the new diet and will not occur any kind of complications.

Do Not Feed Your Dog when Dine: This should be a golden rule for you. You should never feed your dog when you are eating and he “begs” because it will be encouraged to become dominant and he will think that he deserves whatever he wants. Anyway you can give him small food rewards, but only when you want to train him.


– Feed your dog at the same time every day.
– Give him the same type of commercial food because a dog may not suffer frequent changes in his diet.
– When you want to change his diet, do it gradually because otherwise it can cause diarrhea.
– If you want to mix dry food with water, then one part water to four parts food is enough.
– However, your dog must be provided with plenty of clean and fresh water.
– Food and water bowls should always be clean.
– Do not feed your dog too much. Always follow the indications of your veterinarian, or those on the food packaging.
– Regularly monitor the weight of the dog and make changes if necessary.

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