How to Organize a Linen-Closet Chaos

Here there are six easy way to transform the messiest closet in your home in the most organized closet, just in a few minutes.

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1. Rotate. The same way you rotate your summer and winter wardrobes, seasonal items like towels and heavier blankets can be rotate on and off the hard to reach top shelf. You can keep kids towels on a low shelf so they can easily get them without any help.

2. Decorative baskets. Have your small items like shampoo samples and bubble bath that you do not use every day, up into a decorative basket.

3. Find storage spots. Just because they are lines this does not mean they have to go automatically in the linen closet. For instance, you can hang tablecloths in a coat closet to save space and prevent wrinkles. Use a skirt hanger with clips or drape over a wooden hanger. You can put your hand towels and washcloths rolled up in a basket or a wine rack for a cozy and extra convenient presentation.

4. Organise your sheets. Are you always rifling through your closet for sheet sets that match? There is a way to keep them together. Just stash each complete set within its pillowcase folding the case around the linens to create a tidy packet.

5. Have more space. In every linen closets, there is a gap of several inches between the tallest item and the next shelf; this is wasted space. You can take advantage of that space by adding an under shelf basket. You can also hang a shoe bag on the inside of the door and use it to store toiletries. Place self-stick hooks on sidewalls and you will have a dedicate space for hanging unwieldy items.

6. You can prevent kids’ messes. The easy way to stop the mess to use slip-on shelf dividers to keep those stacks straight and tall. You can go even further and assign everyone her or his own space for towels in a unique color, this way everyone will know which ones belong to her or to him.

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