How to quickly and cheaply change the interior with seasonal accessories

Stop the summer with exotic motifs.

Cool cocktails under a palm tree, clean water, scorching beach stroll… Who among us doesn’t yearn to travel to far-off, fascinating places? Despite the fact that the holidays are passed, you can still maintain a festive mood in your apartment! Exotic patterns, particularly those with large leaves and vibrant flowers, are a popular style choice for interior decor. How can the interior be transformed into a vivacious, vivid jungle?

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Seasonal accessories, or how to quickly and cheaply change the interior.

Choose accessories if you like to vary the decor of your home seasonally to create the proper mood or if you want to add subtle elements that will draw attention to the style. The ideal setting for this kind of shift is tropical themes. A print of exotic animals or plants will undoubtedly be a focal point and a lively addition to a room with a neutral color scheme.

Or perhaps you’ll choose your fabrics? Unique pillows will be a striking accent, and your guests will undoubtedly be surprised by drapes, bedding, or even a tablecloth. Change the shower curtain in the bathroom to make it feel like the sweltering tropics. Pick the fig, banana, or palm leaves that are in style this season.

A colorful pattern on home furnishings will add a hint of fun. Would you like to store your valuables in a glittering gold pineapple-shaped jar? or dinnerware decorated with bananas or parrots? You might even try making your own distinctive accessories. The only thing limiting you is your creativity!

Don’t overlook the role that plants play in generating large amounts of oxygen, maintaining air moisture, and even absorbing dangerous chemicals released by plastics. Choose a palm tree, monstera, cycad, or strelitzia with distinctive blossoms to maintain an exotic atmosphere. Simply insert a sizable leaf in the vase for a softer look to demonstrate your attention to detail.

Tropic heat for longer.

Bring the tropical climate inside for a while if you enjoy it. Use photo wallpaper to decorate the wall to infuse it with positive energy and a restful feeling. It will look fantastic not just in the living room but also in the bedroom, where the soothing green tint will aid in relieving stress before night. Give it its own wall in the space so the expressive pattern does not overpower it.

A wall sticker will be a less invasive alternative; we strongly suggest one of a parrot in flight because it will create an intriguing three-dimensional appearance. Ornamental foliage or a delicate orchid are more options. A sticker on the door, the original choice, will not only make the inside larger and deeper. The appearance of a ceremonial entrance into a different location will be created by each opening. What about a hanging bridge with a mysterious plant maze hidden below it? Such a door will allow you to exit the bedroom and enter the world prepared for fresh challenges.

Beach house or colonial style home?

Wood is a crucial component of an exotic interior. Choose a colonial style centered on solid furniture, such as chairs, chests of drawers, desks, and bookshelves made of exotic wood species like wenge, rosewood, or mahogany, if you want heavier and more traditional arrangements. Such furniture is distinguished by its expressive graining and deep, black hue.

The use of rattan, or palm shoots, for furniture will give the room a lighter feel. Bamboo is a different material you may use, and it works great for making a distinctive screen or roller blind. Such a feature will make the interior cozier and warmer.

Also, keep in mind that choosing the proper colors is important. This style of area is best suited for earthy tones like beige, yellow, or golden, and sand. You can incorporate a dark, burned crimson aspect that will allude to African motifs.

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