Easy and Simple Solutions for Blank Walls

How to decorate an empty wall?

There are so many creative ways to decorate a blank wall from drawing directly on the wall and using vinyl stickers to using a false window and wall-mounted shelves.

Wall Decorating 1

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Easy and Simple Solutions for Blank Walls (video)

The special atmosphere in every home interior is created by the design and accent wall is an essential tool for creating a unique interior.

Highlighting an accent wall against the whole background is therefore very important in your decorating project.

How I have already mentioned there is a vast number of solutions and methods to do that.

The simplest and easiest way to highlight an accent wall is to paint this wall in a distinct color.

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The combination of colors and textures always allows you to get the desired result. So, it is a good idea to use wallpaper for your accent wall. After all, it is easy to glue it, so the room decoration is quite right to do it yourself. You can use wallpapers from different materials such as paper, vinyl, fabric, fiberglass.

The coating is best suited for creating a fabulous accent wall. Murals can be used in any room. They can decorate the surface in whole or in part.

As wallpapers, they are made from different materials. They also differ in appearance and texture. Do not forget 3D images. In fact, these images deserve our special attention. Thanks to the visual effect, the elements of the 3D image seem to protrude into the space.

Wallpapers and murals also differ in the image appearance. So, they can be divided into:

  • Background – ornaments and abstractions.
  • Panoramic – images of forests, seaside, mountains, cities, etc.
  • Realistic – 3D images
  • Specialties – a drawing has just an element

Decorate the wall with paintings

So, we have established that wall decoration is an important factor in the home interior decoration.

Another simple and easy solution for decoration is the use of paintings and black & white pictures.

Canvases, drawings, photos, children’s drawings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings – anything will do it.

However, when creating a wall composition, it is better to stick to a single theme. For example, a mountain landscape theme, a beach theme, portrait theme and so on.

Wall Decorating 3

Decorate the wall with mirrors

Another great decorating idea – mirrors. In fact, this a traditional décor. You can use any kind of mirrors. No matter the shape or size. Framed or not. A special decorative role is played by the mirror panel.

There are many other si9mple and easy decorating ideas from wall stickers, stencils, pieces of furniture as side cabinets, free standing shelves, wall-mounted shelves, and many others.

I strongly recommend you watch our new uploaded video to get an idea.

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