How to Sell Your House without a Real Estate Agent

Selling your house by yourself, without a Real Estate agency assistance, can save you a significant amount of money. By following a few tips, you can sell your home at the market price, without agent assistance.

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Home Curb Appeal Will Attract Buyers

If you increase the curb appeal of your home, your home will attract buyers. This is the golden rule that should guide you.

Cleanliness is the main and the first thing to do.

Start with the outside of your home.

1. Remove all the dirt, debris, junk cars and in general, the entire undesirable stuff. Your backyard, garden and driveway should be clutter free.
2. Remove the broken tree branches, cut the grass, and trim your shrubs and trees.
3. Choose seasonal flowers and plant them.
4. Put planters with vivid colors flowers on the windowsills.

Prepare Your Home for Viewing

Before showing your home to the prospective buyers make sure that everything is OK.

Make a general inspection of your home and note any deficiencies.

What should you check?

1. Check for holes in ceiling, floors, walls and doors and repair them.
2. Check for leaks or leak traces on ceiling or walls. Fix the leaky problems, cover, and paint the leak traces.
3. Check for broken or cracked window glass. If your windows are quite old and in a bad shape, it is not a bad idea to replace them with brand new ones energy efficient. This will increase the overall value of your home.
4. Make your home clutter free. Remove all unwanted and unused stuff. Show to your potential buyer a home neat and clean.
5. Painting fresh the inside of your home is not expensive and is an excellent way to improve a lot the overall look of your home.

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Determine a Price

It is easy to find the market value of your home:

1. Pick up a local real estate magazine and look for houses similar and in the same area like yours. Note their price.
2. Check on Craigslist.
3. Ask your new neighbor how much he has paid for the house.

In these ways, you can easily establish a starting price for your home.

However, the best way to find out the selling price is by the pay off on your house. You should only, to set the price above the pay off sum.

Market Your Home

There are many ways to sell your home without a real estate agent assistance:

1. Use your net, friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, etc
2. Advertise your property on-line and in newspapers.
3. Place a sign in front of your home.

Show Your Home

1. Give yourself a few days off.
2. Prepare a notebook and write the received e-mails or calls. It is a good idea to call back only those you feel are serious.
3. It is also a smart idea, to show the house to two families, in the same time.

Negotiation & Selling

It depends on you if you want to accept or not buyer’s bids. If you agree with the offer, the buyer will contact his mortgage lender for the contract.