Baby Proof Your Home Windows

Consider how generally safe your house is. What will your baby get into once he’s crawling? Walking? Able to climb? Depending on their height and location, windows can be a big baby hazard. It’s essential to take the necessary precautions to ensure each window in your house is baby proofed, so that your little one stays safe.

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1. Window Cords: Never place a crib near windows; cut looped chains or blind cords in half to avoid strangulation. However, replace these cords with safe pull cords.
Lock cords after lowering horizontal blinds and shades to prevent your baby from becoming entangled in them.

2. Window shades: DO NOT USE WINDOW SHADES. The shades themselves could be pulled down by the baby. Make sure they are out of your baby’s reach.

3. French Doors: Think about which windows your baby might actually be able to touch or pull himself up on such as glass that is close to the ground, or glass doors like French doors. When your baby pushes on these doors too hard or hits them with a toy the glass can break. It is a good idea to use tempered glass for safety in such windows.

4. Window Guards: Install window guards on all second-story windows to baby proof them and prevent your baby or young child from being able to open them. This is a specific hardware you can buy very cheaply that limits how far a window can open. This hardware should be available at your local hardware store or online.

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