Installing Interlocking Finished Wood Parquet Tile Flooring

Wood parquet tiling comes in a wide choice of design styles. This type of flooring is named wood parquet tiling, because it consists of elements of two types of flooring:

1| Plank Flooring – It has similarities with plank flooring; it locks one from another one through tongue-and-groove fittings.
2| Tile Flooring – It has similarities with tile flooring; Installation of the wood parquet tiling starts from middle of the floor and continues to edges.

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How to Install Wood Parquet Tile Flooring

1.     Before installation you should let the parquet sit, for seven days at the room temperature.
2.     Start your flooring installation from the middle of the room and continue to edges.

a) To do this, divide the floor area in four parts.
b) Using a chalk, measure and draw a line from a middle of a wall to the middle of the opposite wall.
c) Proceed the same with the others two walls.
d) Start with your flooring installation from the intersection of these two lines.

3.     Using a notched trowel spread adhesive over the floor surface. Cover an area of 4 sq ft, which will be enough for four tiles of parquet.
4.     So, lay down these four tiles at the intersection of the lines. Use the lines to guide you.
5.     Proceed in the same way; spread more adhesive and lay down more tiles of parquet. Lock one from another one through tongue-and-groove fittings. Make sure the lines of tiles are parallel.
6.     When you almost, reach the edges of the area and it is not enough room for full tiles, let the space empty overnight.
7.     Next day, measure the empty spaces. Cut tiles and glue them down, but do not forget to let 3/8” space, between tiles and walls, for a future expansion of the flooring.

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