Travertine Flooring a Trendy Choice for Your House

Travertine floors are perhaps the most modern choice for your home!

From ancient temples to the most sumptuous buildings, nothing is more refined, majestic than a travertine floor.

But, what is actually travertine? Travertine is a natural product from “limestone” family consisting of calcium carbonate.

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If you want to replace or change the flooring in your home why not use “royal stone” that adorn and decorate different places around the world. With travertine flooring your home will add beauty, luxury and longer durability.

Travertine is different depending on the finish.

  • 1| The most common finish is brushed and grouted travertine. The brushing process smoothes the travertine surface, and makes it similar to the marble.
  • 2| Polished travertine is also found but not from abundance.
  • 3| Another common finish of travertine, is the brushed and chipped one. The brush gives a certain texture to the surface while carving the edges and offering an antique and worn appearance. However, before you decide to buy Travertine with chipped edges check if they are done mechanically or manually. Mechanical mad tiles are made more uniform, but the uniformity can change completely the antique look you want.
  • 4| Travertine is also found with an antique finish that gives a rounded appearance. Antique Travertine is not grouted and is used mainly for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and in mosaics.

Travertine is a natural stone that is used especially for floors and offers a unique look compared to other types of flooring. Travertine as a natural stone can have an antiqued look which gives the space a warm and pleasant atmosphere that other floors do not provide. It will emphasize the look and ambiance of your home. If you want a different house to the other, then you have to use travertine for your projects as a material that “emanates” heat.


Travertine flooring range is varied and finding the perfect model to fit your decor is simple.

If you want to change total your home decor, and try something new, here are some ideas for travertine floors. However, if you are new to the field, seek professional advice in choosing the right floor for your home

If you want to give a rustic or contemporary image to your home, travertine flooring is unmatched. When choosing a rustic design, a cream or a natural stone travertine that has a natural finish is suitable for what you want.

Floor with a polished finish is used for a more contemporary look, thanks to its reflecting surface that looks splendid in a wide-open space.

However, if you want a different design with travertine flooring, you can choose mosaic. Travertine mosaics are also suitable for wall cladding solution.

Whether you remodel your kitchen, living room or bathroom, travertine flooring is a wonderful choice to give the entire décor an impressive and refined style.


For Travertine floor maintenance use LTP sealants, for  matte surfaces it is recommended to use LTP Mattstone or LTP Color Intensifier.

For a more clean look, you should wash the Travertine surface, which will be waterproofed with LTP GRIMEX detergent (a UK product), a detergent that will clean deep the travertine tile surface, cleaning the pores. Thus, the tiles will look much cleaner and more finished and the sealant will be more efficient.

LTP Mattstone is a strong waterproofing suitable for all wall and floor surfaces. It provides an invisible finish with minimal change to the surface character.

It provides an effective protection against coffee, wine and other domestic fluid stains. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and on floors that have a moisture resistant coating.

LTP MPG Sealer is an innovative solution based on micromachining protection impregnation. It is used on mechanically polished tiles to create a highly polished finish. Suitable for both wall and floor surfaces. Ideal for use on polished travertine, polished marble, polished porcelain, polished granite and limestone polished.

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