Pastel Decor for a Dream Home

Pastel shades are a delight to the eye and can fill your soul with joy every time you get into your dream home. Pastel shades are relaxing colors, but also refreshing, and are exactly what you need when you want to refresh your home or you want to make small changes in its decoration.

You can include this delightful pastel shades in your home decorating, with the help of a few smart ideas.

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1. This Year is the Year of Pastel Colours

This year is the year of pastel colors and interior designers offer a range of pastel shades for decorating home, from baby pink and sky blue (bleu ciel), to lilac, purple lavender, mint green, pistachio green, light green, ivory, yellow, gold and light brown.

For example, you may choose for your master bathroom a fresh shade of lavender, which could envelop the room in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Combined with white sanitary ware, lavender will create a dreamlike decor.

2. Pastel shades with Vivid Colour Accents

Accent colors can cut the “sweetness” of pastels, so you should not be afraid to do combinations of pastel shades and blazing colors. But remember, the latter ones should be used with great care and moderation do not distract the eyes from the delicate beauty of pastels.

 3. “Vanilla” Pastels

Pastel shades of vanilla, which is white with yellowish tinge, light beige, ivory are ideal for the creation of a sophisticated and elegant décor.

Once you choose these delicate nuances, as prevalent nuances, it will be very easy for you to change the decor every time you feel the need to give a special note to the room. All you have to do is add an accent color such as fuchsia cushions, a green floor lamp or curtains with large and colorful floral prints.

4. Mixture of Pastels

Pastel colors match very easily, actually ideally between them, so you can combine several of these discrete colors into a room without creating a cluttered décor.

For example, you can combine pastel green with baby pink or a delicate shade of peach. Also, you can add without any fear, a piece of furniture or a print in pastel shades such as a carpet dominated by many colors with pastel multicolored tapestry.

5. A Pastel Colour for Every Room

The selection of different shades for each room is another ingenious idea of integration of pastels in your home décor.

For example, if for the bedroom you choose a peach shade, pistachio green for the kitchen then for dining room you can opt for a baby blue that gives you a good mood and will open your appetite for endless chats with friends. Pastel blue maintains a vintage look and is welcome in a kitchen decorated in a shabby chic or rustic style. In fact, all you have to do is to choose a delicate shade of blue for walls and a similar shade for part of the furniture. For the rest relax, you can complete the elegant color palette with white, beige or brown.

6. Pastels and Metallic Accents

In general, metal accents suit the rich, strong colors, such as purple, burgundy or navy blue, but nothing can stop you not to combine pastel and metallic finish elements. Near a wall painted in a pastel color you can install golden or silver lighting metal candlesticks, and mirrors with metal frames.

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