Apothecary Jars, Popular Pieces of Home Décor

Who doesn’t love apothecary jars? At least, I know I do. After all, there is something special, innocent and refreshing – about a clear and empty vessel, which begging for a cool and charming display.

Apothecary jars are quite easy to find nowadays. Fancy models can be purchased in every décor store, but they’ve become increasingly popular in many famous stores like Walt-Mart, Home Sense and Zellers that have a wide variety of them. You can also find old types of apothecary jars at many thrift stores for just $3 or $4 each.

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What’s awesome about them is they are as functional as they are beautiful — if you know how to display and fill them. It is common to use to fill them with bath salts, cotton swabs, candies or to use them as lanterns with pillar candles. Certainly they will look cool and charming, but there are also many other options out there.

How about a garden in a jar?! It is lovely and a easy way to add greenery to your home, while protecting the fragile plants.

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Here are other ideas:

Let’s start with your kitchen. Filling them with fruits is not such a good idea. Although they look great, it isn’t recommended to place fresh fruits in jars with lids. Condensation will cause fruits rot quickly. You can use this idea for a quick and wonderful table centerpiece, but not for a very long-term display.

However, you can take your pasta, nuts and beans out of the countertop and display them; it will free up a useful space in your cabinets and add a decorative and charming touch to your countertops or shelves. In fact this idea can work with any kind of jar. No need to purchase an apothecary jar for that. You can just use a vessel with a wide mouth opening and a ladle.

Many times you can see apothecary jars in bathrooms and body stores piled up with salts and soaps. But practically, doesn’t really work. After all who has 20 or more bars of the soaps to expose? It is preferable to use apothecary jars as storage for items that you use daily like cotton swabs and toothpaste. They are perfect for small, tiny spaces.

Perhaps you can place a small collection into a jar; No more makes dusting, more practical than exposing them on an open shelf.

Apothecary jars can also sass a laundry room or a craft room. Throw inside your buttons, screws, ribbons, laundry soap or clothespins or for an attractive alternative to dull plastic containers.

However there are many more other smart ideas. Just give free rein to your imagination.

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