Posters and paintings for a dark wall in the bedroom

A bedroom dark wall requires special treatment.

The bedroom’s dark wall needs extra consideration. If unattended to, it may overwhelm and induce worry, which is the opposite of what is intended. Not only should the bedroom’s dark walls be well lit, but they should also be adorned with useful accents. Here, posters and paintings are the main topics.

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Dark walls with contrasting decorations

On a dark wall, contrasted ornaments should be used. These could be motifs that allude to the prevailing interior color or black and white images and graphics. Pastel-colored patterns are also great.

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But don’t forget that theme isn’t everything. On a dark wall, the frame of a photograph or poster is also quite significant. These frames can be white, wooden, gold, or silver, depending on the look you’re going for and the arrangement style that has been applied inside.

The latter will emphasize a glamour bedroom’s opulent mood well, and natural-material frames will look great in contemporary and romantic settings. Mirrors that reflect light are among the items that go wonderfully with dark rooms, making them not only cozier but also more spacious and well-lit.

More tips and ideas

For a bedroom’s gloomy wall, I got some inspiration for posters and artworks. Here are a few ideas:

To contrast with the dark wall, use framed images or canvas wall art in light colors or with metallic accents. There are numerous alternatives for wall art at IKEA.

For a modern and sophisticated effect, paint your dark wall a surprising color, such deep purple, and furnish the room with white furniture and bedding.

To add drama and intrigue, paint a small patch of your wall a dark crimson or burgundy color and add some bright highlights.

You can hang mirrors, picture frames, or posters in your accent color to divide the room and soften its appearance.

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