Make your bedroom the most important room in the home

Achieve the hotel feeling in your own bedroom.

The majority of people want their bedrooms to be serene and tranquil spaces where they can rest and refuel. While messy rooms typically have the opposite effect on mood and mental health, a well-designed space filled with items you love can be soothing and ease stress. Read on for the top advice that will help you fall asleep more quickly and give you the delightful impression of being in an opulent hotel if you want your bedroom to seem like a personal retreat. However, what should you truly get rid of first?

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50 Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas (video)

Start by removing things from your bedroom.

Before adding new items, it could be a good idea to start by clearing up the bedroom. especially if relaxation and fun are the main objectives. Maybe it’s not so absurd to make the bedroom the most significant room in the house given that we spend a full third of our lives there? The last room you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning are both in this room.

You should renounce to …


The bedroom should only be used for sleeping or resting. You should also limit your screen time here for the best possible sleep, so turn off the TV and avoid browsing on your phone while in bed. Blue light deceives the body into believing it is still daylight, affecting melatonin production and sleep quality. The bedroom should be a safe haven where you can unwind, especially in light of the unique year 2020, which has caused many of us to become more stressed and concerned. It is crucial to keep informed but avoid the constant barrage of (bad) news and alarming data in the bedroom.


Yes, carpets can make a room cozier and more attractive, but there are numerous other fabrics in the bedroom that can have the same effect. Carpets can have a detrimental impact on the perceived indoor climate and aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. By removing carpets (particularly carpeted flooring!), you lessen the risk of dust mites and allergies while also making it easier to keep the room clean.

Thin curtains

Bedrooms should ideally be cold and dark, so even if the light curtains are attractive, remove them. Investing in some nice blackout curtains will help you sleep better at night (not so much in the winter, but especially in the summer)!

Small ornaments

The tiny ornamental things should be removed if you want to create the opulent hotel atmosphere because they will create an unkempt appearance rather than a tranquil one. Instead, relocate them to the living area and elegantly but carefully decorate the bedroom; this will make it feel cozier. Alternately, you may group all of the accessories and little items together and place them on a side table rather than strewn about the room.

Focus on …

A wonderful bed

Of course, a great bed should be the most crucial item and take center stage in the bedroom. It’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep for both your physical and emotional well-being, and the mattress is the best place to start when creating a tranquil bedroom. It should ideally be weight-adapted, offer strong support, and be vented. The bed and mattress should serve as the absolute foundation, after which you can add your own unique touches by selecting bed linens and pillows that you find cozy and inviting. Maintaining clean, fresh bedding and making the bed each morning will make going to bed at night more pleasant.


When choosing gentle, calming colors for the bedroom, one can benefit from the way that colors affect our moods. It is believed that lavender, deep blue, green, and earth tones will improve your sleep. Red, orange, and yellow are the hues you should steer clear of in the bedroom. Additionally, keep in mind that cool tones are more relaxing than warm tones. Picking out one hue and sticking to variations of it when selecting art, carpets, and cushions is a wonderful place to start. White walls and white bedding, for instance, can be broken up with a little color.

Neat and harmonious décor

Either everything in the bedroom should serve a purpose or be aesthetically pleasing. Keep surfaces neat and provide ample storage! Customized solutions that complement the space are elegant and useful and give the furniture a basic appearance. Avoid flamboyant art and aggressive design in the bedroom because there shouldn’t be anything really attention-grabbing there. However, a restful bedroom doesn’t have to be dull; photos and artwork can help set the mood and are pleasant to see in the morning. After all, pictures can set the tone, yet picture walls can easily appear disorganized. Therefore, consider carefully what you hang up and how it makes you feel before doing so. It might be calming to surround oneself with memories and images of the people you love.

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