Practical tips and good advice for walk-in wardrobe

Tips and ideas for walk-in wardrobe

If you are the lucky owner of a walk-in wardrobe dedicated only to your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you know very well that it takes time and great inspiring ideas to get the best out of the space. After all a lot of space, no matter its function means a lot of clutter.

Organized Closet

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Make optimal use of the available space

If you want to have a neat and organized walk-in wardrobe you should know that it takes time to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. so that the result is a neat, tidy, and efficient walk-in wardrobe.

So, it is a good idea to start by taking your real storage needs as a starting point, and then start step by step working on the practical solutions.

Here are several tips that you need to get the optimal walk-in wardrobe.

Divide your clothes into categories 

It may be quite banal and obvious, but many of us overlook the advantage of starting by dividing their clothes into categories as trousers, dresses, jackets, blouses, etc.

This fundamental division gives an overview of your stuff.

More than that you can divide your clothes by color or frequency of use (everyday, free time, dinners, party, etc.).

The better you are at dividing into categories that suit your lifestyle the more manageable, rigorous, and organized your walk-in closet will be.  In this way it will be much easier for you to find what you are looking for and perhaps you can discover new ways to combine your clothes. 

It is also a good idea to divide your clothes on seasons.

Shelves and hanger bars

How much of your clothes should lie on shelves or should hang?

Do you have more jackets and dresses than blouses?

Do you have large jackets and coats for cold season? 

Your clothing composition is vital for whether you need to prioritize the number of shelves, or you need a large amount of racks. 

Make room for a bench and a good stool

It’s nice and comfortable to have somewhere to sit when you need to change socks, button a shirt, or tie your shoes.

A pouf, wooden stool, or a free-standing bench are the most flexible and practical solutions.

Built-in benches are perfectly under windows. They can include a drawer under the bench to get some precious extra storage space.

Consider making space for an island in your wardrobe

A practical and functional storage island in the middle of your walk-in wardrobe is a great idea, with the condition to have enough room. Even if the island is relatively narrow, it will be able to have drawers for your jewelry.

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