Learn how to properly wash your curtains

It took me ruining a set of curtains to learn how to wash them properly.

My mother used to hand-wash the curtains in the bathtub when I was a kid, then press and iron them. I can smell the detergent and remember the ironing board in the middle of the living room even as I type this. But, as nostalgic as hand-cleaning curtains is, I’ve been washing them in the machine for years. Or I did it till I shattered a pair. So, I went to discover what program was used to wash the curtains, what other washing methods I had, and all sorts of other information.

And if I kept looking for all the information about the washing, depending on the fabric, I told her to go ahead and pass. So, here’s what I discovered:

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Washing the curtains in the washing machine.

To avoid damage, curtains with embroidery, sequins, or other delicate parts should be hand or dry cleaned in some situations.

Place machine-washable items in a designated laundry bag or a simple fabric bag of your choosing.

Use a gentle detergent and only a small amount; otherwise, there may be residue on the curtains after washing.

At what program are the curtains washed?

Depending on the fabric, a low or moderate temperature is usually advised. Most curtains can be cleaned safely at temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. Choose a delicate or light wash cycle for the wash program, which comprises a reduced spin speed and a softer process. This will help to protect the curtain fibers and prevent damage.

The curtains should then be removed from the washing machine as soon as possible to avoid creases. I placed them directly on the rail to dry in place. However, a traditional dryer and clothesline can also be used.


Hand wash:

It’s a good choice for more delicate fabrics or drapes with complex decorations or stitching. However, always check the label and be mindful of the material of the curtains, as the most delicate ones require dry cleaning.

Use a bathtub, a large sink, or a basin to wash them by hand. Fill the basin halfway with warm water, then add the delicate detergent or special detergent for delicate garments and whisk to produce a lather until the detergent is completely dissolved.

Soak the curtains in water, then gently massage them, paying special attention to regions with stubborn stains or filth. Do not rub aggressively or squeeze excessively.

After washing, rinse them in clean water to remove any detergent residue. Rinse until the water is clear and there is no more foam visible. Squeeze the bottle lightly.

Tumble dryers should be avoided for drying because they can damage or overburden the curtains.

Dry cleaning of curtains

Curtains made of delicate or demanding materials, such as silk or velvet, should be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

To remove dirt and stains from curtains, dry cleaners use specific solvents and gentle procedures. Typically, the process begins with pre-treatment of the stains, followed by cleaning in a specialist machine.

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