PrimeSense – A Cutting Edge Technology

The first TV was a big heavy wooden box with a black and white CRT-based display and lamps, and you always had to get up off the couch to change the programs from the box buttons.

Then it was invented the color TV, the remote control and the TV viewing experience has completely change. Technology has evolved, TVs have become thinner and screen diagonals bigger and bigger. LED and Plasma TVs have conquered the market and the latest fashion is 3D TV.

However, if you wonder, what is the next step, the answer is PrimeSense.

Cuting Edge Technology
PrimeSense Technology

First, PrimeSense technology changes radically the viewing experience of a movie, game or TV show. This technology simply recognizes the person in front of the TV and offers full access. You can handle the TV menu without the remote, just by a simple movement or wave of the hand. For example, if you watch a movie and the phone rings, you no longer have to search the remote to stop the movie, just with a certain hand movement you can pause the movie. More than that, you can configure and group by categories, all TV channels. For example, you can group them in channels of news, sports, comedy, music, items for children or wife. The menu is simple, intuitive, and works on the principle of “visual search”.

However, PrimeSense is not limited to being just a TV that has replaced the remote control with hand movement and is able to recognize a human face and interpret hand movements, but also provides a lot of other applications.

For example, an application allows you to play with balloons, hit them with arms and legs while they fall on the screen. Surely kids will enjoy such a great application. Virtually any application that you have in smartphone or tablet can be charged in such a TV.

The Principle of this Technology

PrimeSense technology is based on a video camera that builds 3D images of the room and then projecting them on a TV, including even the persons. So, you can dance or do karaoke while you and your images, past all kinds of filters, running on television with electronic, disco, techno effects, colors and shadows. And if that is not impressed yet too much, you can test with PrimeSense even virtual clothes.

Want your online store to order a dress or a jacket, but do not know how it would come on you? This technology will overlap clothes over your body and you can see your image projected on television wearing those clothes.

PrimeSense turn the TV and living room into a large touch screen and a unique sensorial experience.

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