Living Room Audio-Visual System between Functional and Aesthetic

Besides other components electronics plays an important role in terms of visual effect and function of a living room. Along with decorations, furniture, carpets, drapes, furniture and other accessories audio-visual system creates a pleasant and comfortable space for the whole family. On one condition though.

Whatever the style of your home, a modern, contemporary or classic, traditional electronics in the living room, must be installed so as to preserve a perfect balance in design.

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TV set: In the living room, the TV is of course the main device used in this diurnal space dedicated to the entire family. Being an extremely important component in any modern home, the TV should be placed in the best place to meet both functional as well as the aesthetic role.

But you should not forget that in a living room, you can get a balanced design considering the proportions.

  1. First, the TV is positioned so as to ensure maximum visibility from every angle, considering the chairs, ottoman, couch, cushions etc.
  2. Secondly, and this is particularly important in terms of health, the distance between the person watching television and appliance must be three times larger than the diagonal of the TV. For example, if the diagonal is 36 inches, the viewer should be at a distance of at least 100 inches.
  3. TV is better to be placed on a neutral background that does not detract in any way the viewer attention. When the device is positioned on a wall with a complex design or wallpaper with 3D effect, watching TV becomes tiresome.

Digital Players: Besides TV set, another main component of electronics in the living room, is represented by digital players (media players, DVD players, Blu-ray players).

In modern interior design, these electronic devices along with hardware’s, receivers, satellite boxes and others are installed either on specially designed shelves, within the furniture or hidden somehow, out of sight.

  1. In the first case, the furniture is designed for storing your TV and electronic devices such as DVD players and can be standalone or integrated into a piece of furniture specially designed for electronics in the living room.
  2. In the second case, you can opt for a minimalist design with electronics hidden behind a cabinet door.

Audio Systems: A sound system is installed in a living room so that the sound quality is optimal, without being impeded the access in the room because the wires. In modern design, the speakers are mounted at a certain height in order the floor to remain free. However, with these new audio systems such as sound bars this problem of tangled wires is eliminated.

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