Quick Guide to Surveying a House

Surveying a house is not an easy or amateurish job. Surveying a home to buy it requires attention to details and good construction technology knowledge. Therefore, you might need a professional advice for your peace of mind.  However, before buying a house you need to know what you get for your money.

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There are different kinds of surveys. Let’s list some of them:

Home Buyer’s Report

A Home Buyer Report is a survey type necessary for any future homeowner.  A good report can give you all information regarding the house you want to buy.

1| How safe is structurally
2| What part of the house has to be renovated (if there are any house damages)
3| Detailed information regarding house dampness
4| If the overall situation of the building fails to comply with municipality laws

Survey for Old Buildings or for Buildings made from Non-Standard Construction Materials

The survey will determine:

1| The overall condition of the building
2| The hidden deficiencies and the recommendations regarding them
3| Decides if it is economical and technological possible a building upgrade or decides not to buy the house

Home Condition Survey

Knowing the damage, you want to apply for insurance to rejuvenate the house. In this case, you might need a Home Condition Survey. However, this survey cannot give us an evaluation of the rejuvenation cost.

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New-Building Snagging Survey

This is a critical survey for a person who wants to buy a new house from a developer. New-building snagging survey checks if the building is built properly. You should hire a professional adviser, independent of that project, who can give all the vital information regarding improper painting, wiring, plumbing, energy efficiency, etc.