Recycled Glass Countertops an Appealing and Sustainable Option

When you build a new home or remodel an old one, the choice of finishes constitutes perhaps one of the most important steps. Modern and fashionable materials like a flawless execution constitute in fact, the success of a modern and comfortable home. Some of the finishes are related to countertops.
Choosing new and contemporary countertops is critical for your kitchens and bathrooms look.
Due to their large surface countertops are the focal point of a room, and therefore, their look plays an important role in the overall look of the room in question.

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Countertops come in a wide range of materials, models, types, not to mention shapes, sizes and thickness. You can choose from natural stone, laminate, wood, steel, concrete and why not, glass countertops. Especially recycled glass countertops have become lately, the new and catchy trend in consumer preferences. And why not?

After all, these countertops are made from recycled glass, which is coming from tens of millions of broken bottles. What could be greener than the reuse of this material?

Recycled glass countertops have become increasingly popular nowadays due to their durability and beauty. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns that suit indeed any style and preferences. The glass pieces give a subtle glow and beautiful color to the countertop surface.

There are many famous brands that produce these wonderful and we can say without any hesitation, art objects.

“Vetrazzo” is one of them. Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops are well known and appreciated. Vetrazzo contributes greatly to the comfort and beauty of your kitchen or bathroom by manufacturing these sustainable and wonderful recycled glass countertops. Their products come in a large color palette. Among their favorite products can be found:  “Umbo White”, “Bistro Green”, “Cobalt Skyy with patina”, “Amethystos”, “Bretagne Blue” or the new products “the coastal edition”. These products give you a beautiful and extremely durable surface that is elegant looking and long lasting. They are also cold, heat, stain and scratch resistant.

“IceStone” is another well known company, which manufactures recycled glass countertops, perhaps one of the world’s most sustainable and safest countertops. The colour palette is large maybe because out of cement and glass, IceStone brand products also have pigments in their composition.

However, like any other product, recycled glass countertops have several drawbacks. The most important is of course, the cost. They are quite expensive because recycled glass is a pretty emerging new source, not like other sources such as natural stones or concrete.

Another disadvantage could be the porosity of these countertops. They are porous because are made from a mixture of glass pieces and cement. Therefore, it is highly recommended a professional sealing just after installation and a regular sealing every year.

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