The Advantages of a Glass Block Wall

Glass brick wall or glass block wall is a suitable solution for setting up a ventilated, bright and modern space. Glass bricks (or glass blocks) are beautiful architectural elements that you can use to create stunning floors or walls.

Let’s see the advantages of building a glass block wall:

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1. Glass Blocks Allow Natural Light to Pass

Light is one of the most important benefits of using glass blocks. Glass blocks allow natural light to pass. Glass block walls are used usually, in rooms where lighting is a very important issue.

A closet, for example, can be isolated from the lobby through a glass brick wall without the need for electricity the glass blocks letting the light to pass through the wall. A common and opaque brick wall or drywall would turn this space into a dark closet, where you have always to turn on the light when you need to take your necessary stuff.

2. Glass Blocks Provide Privacy

A glass block wall is a modern, beautiful and efficient construction, which allows light to pass through it and provides privacy at the same time. This may be successfully, used in bathrooms. For example, the toilet bowl can be isolated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass wall, providing an intimate setting.

3. Glass Blocks Come in a Variety of Options

There are a wide range of glass bricks and glass blocks on the market. They come in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. Depending on the product used, you can build, for example, a section from glass blocks integrated into a regular wall with the same color. It also can be built “interrupted”, curved or straight glass wall.

4. Glass Block Walls Provide a Good Thermal and Sound Insulation

Another advantage of building a wall from glass blocks is the thermal and acoustic insulation. The thermal insulation provides an effective protection against condensation. Sound insulation makes this wall to be suitable for areas with high levels of noise, such as bathroom and kitchen.

5. Glass Block Wall Is Extremely Resistant

Glass bricks and glass blocks are resistant to fire and earthquake. The blocks are manufactured to have a high mechanical resistance to the action of the flames, preventing their propagation. They also block the spread of heat and smoke for a certain period of time. For example, there are blocks and bricks with a grade of resistance for 30 minutes. Their integrated metal armatures give the earthquake resistance, which gives indeed, a high level of safety for this type of wall.

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