Small Living Rooms Makeover, What Should We Know?

Living room an extremely important and special living space
Small Living Room 1

No matter the design style, shape, or size, any living room is a special space of any home.

And it is normal to be. You are spending there a lot of time with your family and friends.

And at the end of the day, it does not matter if your living room is small or a large one. More important is a good organization and a lot of inspiration. These two factors can do miracles, and you can turn your small living room into a stylish and enjoyable home interior.

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Small Living Room Makeover | What Should We Know? (video)

Here, you can find great designers’ ideas for small living rooms. Watch our video and get inspired.

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Furnishing and decorating tips for small living rooms

Yeah, it is true that furnishing and decorating a small living room is pretty difficult. In any case, more difficult than a larger living room makeover. This is due to the lack of space.

But you should not despair. Getting it right is easier than you think.

You just need to apply several tips that will visually create the sensation of a larger space. Not to mention that your small living room will look more inviting and welcoming.

Small Living Room 2

Let’s see several of these smart tips:

  1. All about sofa

In the living room, daily routine revolves around the sofa. It is vital that the size of the sofa to be proportional with the size of the living room. Not too big or too small.

A good idea is to opt for modular sofa. In these ways you can join and separate the sofa parts, according to the needs of your lifestyle and layout of the living room.

Small Living Room 3
  • Use large mirrors

It is perhaps the most used trick when you are dealing with a limited space.

Mirrors reflect the light, and your living space will look bigger than it really is.

  • With sofa or without sofa

It sounds Shakespearian, isn’t it? But a small living room without sofa can be a smart choice. You can use two comfy armchairs instead of a sofa. In this way you can save space, not to mention that you can have an easier furniture placement.

  • Multifunctional coffee table

Use a coffee table with the capacity to organize. A coffee table or an alternative coffee table such as an old trunk, luggage, ottoman, that have a hidden storage is a great asset for a small living room.

Of course, there are many other smart tips and ideas that can help you when it is coming to furnish and decorate a small living room. We will speak about them in the next posts. Stay tuned!

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