The Coolest Living Room Trends, Best Design Ideas

What’s coming next in the living room design?

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After several tough years with highs and lows is absolutely normal to find escape in the interior design and home decorating.

After all, you have been locked in your home for more than two years and if the pandemic has taught you anything, its that “your home is your castle”.

It is well known that interior design and home decorating can change your mood and create a sense of security in adversity.

Everyone has gone crazy and can’t wait to see the interior design predictions for next years and of course, living rooms are the first living spaces to take in consideration.

We want to bring our contribution to the new trends in the living room design.

Therefore, we have uploaded a fabulous new video in our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”

The Coolest Living Room Trends, Best Design Ideas (video)

Here, you can find some of the most important key elements and predictions for living room design.

We have selected ones of the most beautiful and creative designer ideas.

But allow me to present several you the most important ones.

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Organic design – the most important trend

Organic design!!??

Yes. Nature and all that is natural, organic, and raw is and will remain part of the most designer conceptions. Such as wicker plant pots, wicker baskets, rattan furniture, etc.

After all, raw materials and vegetable fibers are the key to serenity and happiness.

Cottage and shabby chic style are making a big comeback

If you loved these romantic styles such as farmhouse design style, cottage style, retro style, vintage style, shabby chic style be ready. They will make a great comeback.

What does it mean?

You need to be prepared. This living room design trend is about nostalgic backgrounds such as floral wallpapers and landscape scenes.

After all, it’s a truly way of life. The farmhouse style is conceived on embracing a more sustainable and simpler lifestyle.

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It’s all about the green living room

Earthy color palettes, nature-based colors – a new important trend in the living room design.

Move away from navy blue and even from light grey home interiors, although the elegant living rooms in grey hues continue to dominate the home interior design.

Quarts, deep emerald, herbal tones, sage green, green-blue spectrum are already popular.

If you want to bring a green accent wall to life, you can always add texture with succulents and leafy palms. You can also create contrasts with terracotta objects, pots, and metallic finishes.

These are just three most important trends in the living room design.

We are going to speak about the other trends in the next articles.

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