The Difference between Material Take-off Sheet and a Material List

You have already bought the land and have purchased the drawings and detailed plans of your future home.

What you need know is relatively accurate cost estimation. The best way to get an estimation cost is to start with a material take-off list.

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In fact there is no other way to get an accurate estimation cost.

And here it is the difference between take-off sheet and a material list.

A take–off sheet is the estimate portion of work to be performed, a list of all components required to complete the job and a material list is … just a material list.

Material Take-Off List

A material take-off sheet is a very detailed list and practically includes everything. It can be a large paper format and has several listing columns which include from roofing materials to door knobs or mortar, from lumber to concrete, from sockets, shower heads to windows.

It contains also, columns for the quantity of the materials and for the price of these materials. Of course, it is a pretty long list and it has to be very precise, nothing missed otherwise it will very difficult to get an accurate estimation cost.

You should be very careful when you develop this take-off list, you need to be sure what it is included and what not. If your home construction plans come with a materials take-off list check if something is missed, for example the concrete for the driveway or the lumber for your deck. They are not always as accurate as they should be and for that you should check them twice, maybe with a professional help.

However, if your home construction plans come without the list you will need to edit one. It is a good idea to get help from a professional who can create an accurate material take-off list. Even if your contractor thinks your material take-off list is complete, you should have checked again together this list to be sure anything is overlooked.

Do not lose your patience, because an inexactly material take-off list can cost you a lot.

Take-Off Sheet and the Builder

A contractor will total up the total price of materials and the charged labor, plus his percentage on materials and this will be the estimate price for customer.

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