How to Live to the Max in a Micro Condo

Many established North American (U.S. and Canada) developers have recently unveiled their intentions to bring the smallest suites to the market.  And when we talk about the smallest suites we are talking about condos no larger 290 sq. ft.

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According to many developers and construction companies, they have received huge interest from single professionals, students and many first time buyers who are excited to own their property, even if that means to be confined to a small space.

However, these micro suites are affordable and smart housing options, not to mention their location, in the city cores with easy, in fact “walkable” access to a lot of facilities such as close to city centres, theaters, restaurants, hospitals, shops, transits, etc.

Most certainly, we will see a true leap in the construction of these micro suites in the near future. But one important question remains. It is possible to live comfortably in less than 300 sq. ft.? The answer is “yes”, but only with a judicious forethought and planning of the available space. If you are interested in purchasing a micro condo, read on…

*** First of all, you should look for a suite with a flexible and open living space. In fact, this is the main idea. This flexible and open living space should serve diverse and multiple uses. Avoid suite plans that have a hallway. A hallway can be taken for lost space. It is actually a general example of an unusable space.

*** High ceilings can compensate for the limited area of a micro condo. They can make a huge difference. You should ask about the heights of the ceilings. Not everything consists in the room area but rather in the room volume. High ceilings can make your micro suite feel bigger and will create many opportunities for you, to use the vertical space (the above “air space”) such as storage spaces or even an elevated but comfortable sleeping area. Therefore, it is extremely important to take into consideration cubic feet, not only square feet when you want to buy a micro condo.

*** Floor to ceiling windows can also give the illusion of a bigger space by opening up the horizon. More than that, large windows bring inside, more natural light making your home brighter and more airy.

*** Another important factor could be an outdoor access. An outdoor space is not considered as part of your home square footage and therefore, a small balcony or a patio has a huge impact on the overall look of your new home offering you additional leisure space and sitting areas.

After you have purchased your new micro home, you need to furnish it. Fortunately, you have many alternatives available such as “The Container Store” or “IKEA”. These furniture stores have magnificent showrooms where you can find many furniture pieces for small spaces and also smart ideas how to arrange your micro space.

You can also access this information online at “”.

A wise idea is to choose furniture pieces that can serve for multiple purposes.

However, the secret to live comfortable in a micro space lies in living clutter free. If you are an organized and neat person then there will be no problem to adapt to a small space. Do not forget a micro condo can bring you a great location to a very affordable price.

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