The Outdoor Living Room

There are many ways to increase the value of your home and also its functionality and comfort. One way is to improve your outdoor living space, to extend your living room beyond your exterior home walls. In fact, it is literally taking the inside out. The new architectural concept make the contemporary houses look larger with rooms that extend into the backyards, lawns or gardens. How is it possible?

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Glass walls, sliding doors, the same material for walls inside and outside or using the same material for ceiling or floor inside and outside. And do not forget the furniture.

Weed out those plastic chairs and donate that dusty picnic table. Now, it’s time to let serious style take root in your backyard, with an outdoor living room. But before you invest in furniture take time to look at your needs and lifestyle. You should find yourself in the outdoor living. This is the key for a great open air living room. Small group dinners, outdoor barbecues or a quiet secluded place to get away all play an important part in the design, décor, functionality and success of your outdoor living room.

First, you need electric outlets for lighting, audio, accessories. It would be great to incorporate your outdoor living room with the rest of your landscape by adding pots, planters with flowers, bushes, small trees. And for the furniture it’s time to invest in good quality outdoor furniture.

Keep things simple: Start with a dining or conversation set that is the proper scale to the space that you have, and build your room from there. Add lounger, side table, ottoman and few items like outdoor rugs, pillows, throws, gazebos. And little things, like candles and summer lanterns can create atmosphere.

You need to choose the outdoor rug as you would for your indoor living room. The rug will define and ground the space. Colorful outdoor pillows refresh a sectional or lounge chair, and can be stacked for additional seating.

If you create a new center-piece for the outdoor table with galvanized planters filled with flower pots or candles you can add galvanized planters filled with ice for your beverage.

Outdoor furniture is built with extra care because is intended for a life outside. However you should keep cushions covered when you’re not using them and it’s best to store them away during winter. To complete the invitation to the family to utilize the outdoor living space to the fullest possible extent, there may even be an outdoor fireplace.

There’s no better feeling than sitting outside on beautiful day, feeling the fresh air and the sun and enjoy hosting guests or just hanging with your family.

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