Turn your Garage into a Home Gym

If you want to change your life style in a healthy life style then turning your garage into a home gym is not really a bad idea. Working out and exercising is very important to your healthy living. Driving to a gym and paying monthly fees can be expensive and time consuming.

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Why not create your own home gym?

However, converting a garage is an excellent and affordable way to add extra living space to your home.

How do you want to use your garage ?

Today, garages tend to get cluttered, filled up with forgotten fitness equipment, old toys and useless memorabilia that would take more time to throw out than it is actually worth. So, first clear out your garage of any unwanted or unused items. Make sure you will have enough space to put whatever equipment you find necessary.

Make sure your garage is dry and clean. If the area is too humid, buy a dehumidifier.

Go to your local home improvement store and purchase some rubber mat flooring. Line the garage with mats. Durable rubber flooring comes in two main forms: tiles and sheets.

Once you have your mat floor installed on your garage floor, you will need to find some exercise equipment that fits your needs.

Multi-function gym equipment makes the most of limited garage space. Multi-function machines, designed especially for home use, exercise a variety of muscle groups, eliminating the need for separate pieces of equipment.

Purchase sturdy shelving or racks to house equipment like hand weights, weight gloves, yoga mats and small exercise balls. Shelving also comes in handy for organizing towels, clothing and shoes.

Consider adding some simple exercise equipment to your garage home gym like a jump rope, ankle and wrist weights, small dumbbells and an exercise ball. These smaller items can be stored in a plastic tub and used when needed

Increase your exercise intensity by introducing the elements of sight and sound to the garage gym. Add items that you like and enjoy.

And don’t forget: Include a small refrigerator as part of a beverage and snack center in your gym storage area. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand for hydration.

Advantages of a Home Gym:

  1. You can train whenever you want.
  2. You can make noise, drop weights, and listen music as you please.
  3. No gym membership fees.

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