Well-Designed Compact Studio Apartment Ideas

Small studio apartment design – accent on comfort and functionality


The furnishing and decorating of a small studio apartment are an absolute freedom for the creativity of its owners.

But at the same time, we should not forget that processing and designing of studio apartment layouts requires a lot of experience and high engineering. Why?

Because the living space is quite limited, many times people have to sacrifice comfort.

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Well-Designed Compact Studio Apartment Design Ideas (video)

However, despite the lack of space, the lack of separating walls gives free rein to the owners and designers imagination. In fact, the design of a studio apartment can be the easiest way to create an ideal home interior suited for a single person or a young couple.


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Choosing an interior style

Any studio apartment is a unique living space. You can create a beautiful home interior in just several square feet, no matter the chosen design style.

Even if you divide the space into different zones with the help of partitions, you should still end up in the same style.


And do not forget to take in consideration the number of people who will constantly live in the studio apartment.

Yeah. You can adopt any design style for your studio apartment. Everything depends on your taste and lifestyle. However, one of the most popular and the most design style is the modern style.


Studio apartments in modern style

Modern style is so fit for a small apartment design. It involves clear lines, simple lightweight furniture, and moderate number of decorative accessories.

The design is usually done in natural colors, but you can add bright colors if you want just as a pop of color.

How I have already told you modern design style is especially suitable for small studio apartments, where a simple interior often looks much better.


Studio apartments in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style design is also ideal for the design of a small studio apartment.

Why? Because it is also a simple and affordable design. The walls are usually painted white. This greatly expands visually the living space. This is so important for small home interiors.

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