How to Choose the Right Refrigerator for Your Needs

Buying a new appliance is an exciting and enjoyable moment. There are a wide range of models, sizes and brands on the market to choose from. In fact, this huge appliance offers can confuse you.

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How can you know which appliance is the best suited for your needs. A refrigerator is one of these appliances, and choosing a model that meets your requirements can be challenging. However, the refrigerator remains one of the most important appliances for every household. You cannot design a modern kitchen without this appliance.

The modern refrigerators types have undergone to a dramatic updating in the last time, in terms of look, food storage capacity and other features.

The modern refrigerator is not anymore the old basic type and you should carefully weight all the options when you intend to buy a new one. However, a refrigerator is a quite important investment and it is a good idea to be well prepared when shopping a new one.

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What You Should Consider when Choosing a New Refrigerator

1.  Capacity

If space is not a problem for your kitchen, you can choose any capacity you like or serve your needs. However, do not forget, the kitchen space dictate the volume of your refrigerator and even, its style.

If you redecorate your kitchen, first choose the cabinets and only, after that measure the available space for your fridge. The best it is to have a good design, which includes both the cabinets and the appliances.

In addition, the access way sizes such as hallways and doors dictate the capacity of your new refrigerator.

2. Installation Style

There are different refrigerator models, and every model influences the capacity of that refrigerator.

a) Standard Depth Refrigerator (depth is between 30” and 32”)

b) Counter Depth Refrigerator  (depth is between 25” and 27”) – This model is in fact, a full-size model, and it comes in many capacities and styles, and it is designed to flush with standard cabinets. It has less food storage capacity than a standard depth refrigerator, but instead, you have more workable space in your kitchen.

3. Door Swing

Your kitchen layout influences greatly, how the refrigerator doors swing. When you decide, the door swing, it is better to consider the kitchen traffic flow, the workspace and the proximity of cabinets or of other appliances.

For smaller kitchens are indicated side-by-side door refrigerators or French door refrigerators.

Attention: If you choose a single door refrigerator, you should know what it is the best for your kitchen “a Right Hand Refrigerator or a Left Hand Refrigerator”.

4. Height Clearance

Height clearance is another important element that should keep in your mind when choosing a refrigerator, especially if there are cabinets above your refrigerator.

5. Plumbing Hook-Up for On-board Water/Ice Dispensing Refrigerators

Modern refrigerators are equipped with different features and options such as on-board water and ice dispenser. To install these refrigerators you need first to install the plumbing for hook-up.

6. Refrigerators with Freezer Compartments

In fact, this is the most common type of refrigerator. What makes the difference is the position of the freezer. The freezer position may differ greatly, depending on the type and brand.

a) Top-Freezer Refrigerators – are the most common and also, cheapest type. The only disadvantage of this type may be the lesser capacity of the freezer.

b) Bottom Freezer Refrigerators – have a larger capacity of their freezer compartments. The compartment door is on pullout principle. These models are more expensive than top-freezer refrigerators. These models are not indicated for families with small children and for persons with back problems.

c) Side-by-Side Refrigerators – There are practical, affordable and with a great look. Also, two smaller doors make them suitable for small kitchens.

d) French Doors Refrigerators – This type is more expensive than Side-by-Side Refrigerators but are more convenient as storage capacity.

7. Energy Efficiency

Buying an “Energy Star Refrigerator”, you bring your contribution to an Eco-Friendly environment.