What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Heat Pump Systems

Not long time ago Heat Pumps have been neglected as a viable heating and cooling system, but today they are becoming more and more popular HVAC system. Although, furnaces and air conditioners remain the most popular heating and cooling system, heat pumps have an increasingly more demand on market.

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Many homeowners still prefer furnaces and air conditioners for their undisputed advantages, and others prefer heat pumps as a reliable HVAC solution.

In fact, heat pump system replaces the both systems, the air conditioner and the heater:

a)     As a heater – It takes the necessary heat for your home, from outside (even in the cold season).
b)    As an air conditioner – It takes the inside heat of your home and sends it outside.

Advantages of Heat Pump System

1| Heat pump is an extremely efficient heating system in proper working conditions – the ambient temperature has to be higher than 40-Fahrenheit degrees (5-Celsius degrees).
2| Heat Pump has a competitive price (between 2,000 and 7,000); however, the ground source heat pumps are more expensive but also, more efficient than an ordinary heat pump because the underground temperatures remains constant.
3| Heat pump is incomparable quieter than a conventional heater or air conditioner system, because its system is situated outside of your home.

Disadvantages of Heat Pump System

1| A heat pump need to be efficient needs temperatures over 40-Fahrenheit degrees (5-Celsius degrees). Under this temperature, this system does not work properly. To increase their efficiency at low temperatures, they need an electric heater backup.
2| A better choice is the ground heat pump system, but it is a more expensive system.
When a heat pump system works to cool your home, it is less efficient compared with an air conditioner.


Heat Pump system is today one of the most popular HVAC system. However, this system is more efficient in regions with moderate climate otherwise, you should backup the system with an electric heater.
Ground source heat pump is more efficient, but also more expensive.
It is not advised to use this system instead of air conditioner. It is less more efficient than an air conditioner.
In conclusion, you should weigh the pros and cons of using this system and only after that to buy it.

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