“Proto Homes” – The Smart Homes

Who said that only cars and phones can be smart? Proto Homes, the company that produces hybrid-prefabricated houses demonstrates that homes can and should be “smart”.

Proto Home is indeed an innovative company with revolutionary products. Its new hybrid prefab system achieves some parameters really impressive:

A) Reduces the cost of the construction by more than 60%
B) Shortens incredible the construction time by almost 70%

Photo by Proto Homes, LLCBrowse entryway ideas

A team of architects and engineers have worked together to create a truly innovative and modern house, which, unlike a traditional house, is based on a concept of “eco”,  which means a more efficient use of space, has a longer lifetime and doesn’t require too much care and repairs.

Most of the materials used to build the house are recycled products. The house is not built with permanent materials, but is covered all-round with panels that can be changed and replaced exactly as you change the iPhone protective cover.

Like any smart device, this type of house can be upgraded and improved without too much effort. The house is built in order to keep up with all the latest technological discoveries. Therefore, buying such a house can be indeed a smart investment.

The most important aspect of the house, or “engine” as designers describe it is the Proto Core site, an area the size of a container that hosts everything related to the mechanical, electrical sources, water and sewerage facilities of the house. This “engine” can always be improved to allow additions and upgrades over time.

All functions of the house can be controlled from any iPhone or iPad that has internet connection. If you will build such a house in the mountains, you can set the temperature, light and other functions, from your iPhone so that you can relax in the best conditions when you come from ski. If you have forgotten to turn off the light or turn on the alarm, you can access these tools at any time if you have internet access.

Proto Homes are inspired by modern design that focuses on large areas and uncluttered, the plan of this house being organized around Proto Core site to create a big open space. Designers have incorporated straight lines and simple materials and also have eliminated the traditional attic space to maximize the functionality. In some areas of the house, cabinets and shelves can be reconfigured to serve as a room partition. As an example, two bedrooms can easily become three by simply sliding of the storage units.

The philosophy of engineers and architects from Proto Homes is based on the fact that while other products on the market, from bicycle to light fixtures, washing machines, telephones and computers are in a continuous process of reinvention and adaptation to technological progress and contemporary changes, houses are still built in a similar style to the hundreds of years ago. Therefore, Proto Homes intends to change this outdated vision.

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