Why Cats Prefer Women more than Men?

Studies show that cats seek more the company of women than men. They feel good and comfortable in the arms of a woman and Austrian researchers have discovered why cats ignore men in favor of beautiful gender.

Although cats seem easily pleased and satisfied, in fact, they are more demanding than you think and are not satisfied with just good food and occasional petting.

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It seems that cats should have around them at least a feminine presence to be fully satisfied. Researchers at the Viennese University Konrad Lorenz Research Station and Department of Behavioral Biology” have studied the attraction of cats towards women and identified some reasons or explanations for this preference:

1. Women have a warm and suave voice, and a little more delicate vocal timbre, being slightly similar to the cat meowing. Cats are more tolerant of female vocal sounds and, therefore, seek more their company.

2. While men skin hands it’s rough with a stronger touch, the women skin  hands is soft, smooth and delicate, being adored by cats.

3. According to Austrian researchers, women and cats have similar personalities. As the dog is a suitable pet for men, cats are better suited to women’s personality.

4. Women have a maternal instinct, are more delicate and affectionate with children and pets when they become mothers. They are caring and attentive to pets than men, and cats love to be pampered and adored at any time.

5. Women pay more attention and care to the pets, so they are preferred by them. How cats are always hunting for attention and affection, they will not have to make much effort with women because they love to interact as much as possible with their pets.

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