Window decoration options in the bedroom

Don’t ruin the bedroom décor with incorrectly chosen curtains.

Even the most expensive home design can be destroyed by poor curtain selection. As a result, the design of the bedroom window should take a little longer than usual, but the end effect will delight you every day.

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The bedroom atmosphere should promote relaxation and comfort.

The bedroom is where you unwind, gather strength, and spend quiet, cozy evenings with your soulmate. The overall ambiance in the room should promote comfort and relaxation, hence the room’s interior and design are extremely crucial here. Finishing, textiles, and furniture should all be blended rather than “cut”. This also applies to decorating a flat or house’s windows. If the room is rectangular, normal (140 – 200 sq ft) or 13-20 square meters in size. m, the window will be conventional rectangular, with a windowsill and slopes.

If the windowsill is not utilized as a table or bench (because to its low height), it can be dressed up in a traditional style with light tulle and blackout curtains. Only a few details must be taken into account:

Tulle without gloss, matte, plain with or without barely noticeable print; curtains can be light or thick (blackout), the latter designed to completely hide daylight to make the room dark during a nap or in the morning; the curtain fabric should be of high quality, non-synthetic, and without a cheap sheen; regular curtains of a good length are fashionable.

If the room has a balcony, you can decorate the windows with light muslin instead of curtains. Enough light enters the room as a result, which can be prevented with curtains or blinds on the balcony (if it is glazed) if necessary. If the balcony is not glazed, typical blackout curtains made of tulle make sense.

Curtain color solutions.

Several guidelines must be followed when choosing the proper color of curtains.

The color of the textiles is chosen to complement the rest of the room. If the room is tiny, the curtains might be the same color as the walls, or the tone can be lighter or darker. It aids in visually expanding the room.

Curtains can be highlighted. If the entire room is designed in relaxing neutral tones, the window, especially if the room is large enough, can be a bright highlight.

If there are numerous windows in the bedroom (2 or 3), they should be placed in different positions to “break” the wall into portions. However, the color scheme of the textiles should match that of the room.

For instance, light blue chilly curtains and light grey cold walls.

You should position the window such that the walls “connect” in order to create the illusion that the room’s interior is one continuous space, especially if it is larger than 25 square meters. In this instance, the curtains’ color is chosen in accordance with the room’s overall color scheme. For instance, the bed’s textiles and curtains may be made of the same material and color.

Aim to avoid curtains that are excessively bright in color so that the fabrics do not “cut” the eyes. Olive, dusty purple or purple, grey, blue, aquamarine, berry, and other lovely rich tones are in style.

Various ways to adorn window curtains.

Although there are a surprising number of ways to adorn window curtains, the window itself should be your first priority. It could be conventional, floor, corner, access to the balcony, etc. Future curtain design will also be influenced by window design. The following options are available for decorating the window that leads to the balcony.

Long, plain drapes with tulle on both sides. In this instance, the tulle ought to be draped to make it easy to access the balcony.

Hang a single long curtain on the side of the balcony door, add a lambrequin to the cornice’s top along its entire length, and hang short curtains in the window.

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