Keep the cold outside with curtains

When it is cold outside, we look for measures that warm

When it is cold outside, we look for measures that warm

As the temperature continue to drop the need to warm our home interiors increases. When chilly drafts come towards us from doors and windows, it doesn’t help too much if the room is elegant and stylish. We need to look for smart measures that keep the cold outside.

Beautiful Curtains

Obviously, you can heat the room with heat sources, like fireplaces, stoves, fan heaters, but textiles can be a smart solution. We need to go back to lost traditions of using both shutters and curtains to insulate your living space against drafts and cold air.

Especially when you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and bedroom.

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Curtains are excellent for coziness, privacy, and warmth

It is a huge misconception that curtains are best only in old houses. In fact, curtains suit all kinds and styles of houses, no matter if it is an old villa, a townhouse, or a contemporary apartment. It’s only a matter of choosing the right type of curtain. I’m speaking here about color, pattern, and of course, about the kind of fabric.

Curtains have also an important role in home interior decorating. They add tactility, softness, pattern, and color to any kind of interior. So, if you wish a pleasant, stylish, and cozy look in your room, curtains are a must.

Also take in consideration that curtains and drapes are more than just a decorative element. They also stop drafts from cold surfaces and dampen the outside noise. These qualities are just perfect for creating a well-being.

Many of us use curtains to create a cozy space, and the reality is that room becomes much, much cozier when the bare window surface is covered.

Curtains contribute essentially to warmth your home interior both psychologically and physically. The winter cold from the window surface is mostly blocked out, and the beautiful sight of the soft drapes makes your home interior feel cozier.

It is true that bare windows have been fashionable for many decades. But we do not have to forget that in the past, curtains were an important part of any home interior, as a measure to insulate draughty windows. Thick drapes and wooden shutters were common then.

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Trendy again with curtains

Today, curtains and drapes, not to mention window shutters are becoming fashionable again. But when winter cold comes, we know that keeping warm the home interior is a far better argument than a trendy fashion, and we want to bring the curtains back into the home decor.

And remember that this is about much more than only decor.

Let the curtains be long. You need long curtains so long that they can ‘stand” on the floor. Why? Because they can also insulate against drafts that come along the floor.

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