Advantages of choosing a dark wall color

Dark walls – something you are keen on but are unsure

Dark walls are intriguing, trendy, and can create an outstanding décor, but you are unsure if they fit in your home interior.

Rules are made to be broken. Especially in interior design.

Like, for example, the rule that state light colors are the best for small rooms. And that dark colors are fit for large rooms.

Tiny Bedroom with Dark Color Accent Wall

But as every time, everything depends on what you’re planning to do. Therefore, we want to share with you several reasons to choose dark colors for your walls the next time when it comes to make a change in your home.

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Dark walls change visually the room’s proportions

Let’s start with the most used statement that dark colors are not a good choice for small rooms. In a way it is a true statement, but it shouldn’t be a general rule.

Of course, you need to be aware that darker colors change the visually feeling of the room’s proportions.

If you have a large living space, a dark wall color makes the room feel smaller.

However, if you choose a dark, but warm color such as red, orange, or yellow on the room walls, the room still feels smaller but comfortable and cozier.

If you choose a dark and cool color on the walls such as green, blue, or purple, the home interior will feel larger than when choose a warm and dark color.

More than that if you want to change the experience of the ceiling height, a dark color makes the ceiling height appear lower.

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Soothing and cozy home interior with dark colors

It is easier to rest and relax in a room with dark walls.  Therefore, a dark tone fits very well in your bedroom. With dark green or blue tones on the bedroom walls, a calming and relaxing feeling is created which contributes of course, to better rest and relaxation.

But not just the bedroom. A dark color bring wow for a living room or a dining room – rooms that can become stylish and elegant when it comes to dark color the walls.

Dark colors are more forgiving with an uneven wall surface

A dark color or nuance on the walls is more forgiving against an uneven surface. So, it is good idea to paint your walls in a darker color if you have wall surfaces that leave little to be desired. It can hide some of the imperfections. But don’t forget to choose as dull variant, not a glossy one to reduce the amount of light that is reflected.

Dark walls highlight and tie the interior together

Another advantage of a dark color on the walls is that ties the living areas together and creates a stable and safe background for the rest of the decor.

Dark walls create excitement and wow

Furnishings and a neutral color palette without contrasts usually become boring. We need contrasts for an interesting and personal home interior. With dark color walls combined with furnishing and decorative accessories in light colors and several other elements of mid nuances, we can create an interesting and exciting home interior. 

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