African Decorating Style for Your Home

African style is distinguished by impressive elements that suggest the richness of colors of this continent. It is a very attractive and increasingly popular style that can be easily implemented in your home.

Surely, you will be attracted to this vibrant decorating style, which is African style.

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African Colors

Brown is the specific colour of this style. Many African houses are painted in different nuances and tones of brown. So, you can choose warm colours for the interior of your home, ranging from beige and cream to dark brown.

However, if you do not like the idea of brown painted walls, then you can opt for a variation in tone. For example, the lower surface of the walls can be dark brown and gradually lighter as you approach the ceiling.

The solution is very simple. Use dark brown paint for the lower surface of the room walls and add gradually white paint, as you get closer to the ceiling. You will notice with delight as the dark brown tone becomes increasingly more open to a nice shade of beige.

NOTE: Because this colour transition is not a sharp transition, it is recommended to opt for a sponge technique.

You can add also, green and blue accents to your brown painted walls, colors that are specific to the African landscape. However, be discreet with these two colors and do not overdo. Only in this way, you can create this unmistakable African feeling in your room.

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African Furniture

A specific African style furniture is made entirely from natural materials. Bamboo, cherry and rosewood furniture are perfect for an African style home.

However, avoid loading your home and opt for simple furniture with straight lines not a carved furniture.
Try to create a focal point in your room to the specifics of that room. For example,

If you want to decorate your bedroom, then take in consideration that the bed has to be the focal point. So, you should invest in a large bed with a canopy. It must also have an impressive framework and a comfortable mattress.

African Fabrics

Beyond that, all specific African fabrics are 100% natural (cotton, silk, etc.), they are distinguished by a series of special wonderful prints. Many models and prints represent African fauna such as zebra, tiger, leopard, etc.

Many African fabrics have dark shades of brown.

However, because you have already painted your home interior in a brown colour, it is recommended that your fabrics to be white, for special effect and contrast.