Even Your Balcony Can Become a Garden

The arrangement and decoration of your balcony, just like any other room in the house or apartment, requires patience, time, creativity, imagination and of course, money.

If you’re a flower enthusiast and do not live in a house turn your balcony into your dream mini garden. However, for flowers, some vegetables or herbs you do not need much space or money. Instead, to develop harmoniously, they just need the proper conditions and care.

First of all you need to know that the choice of plants should be done according to the position of the balcony and balcony type: open or closed with glass. Some plants grow better in the shade, others love the sun, and many tolerate almost any conditions.

If your balcony is spacious, it can be turned into a mini living room decorated in exotic or rustic style, where you can drink your tea or coffee.

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Do not plant your flowers too early. Even if the weather is beautiful, and the sun of spring is strong on some days, planting should be carried out since early May or mid-May, otherwise you risk having your plants affected by the cold nights. A few days and cold nights with temperatures falling below 54 degrees Fahrenheit (about 12 degrees Celsius) can cause a growth shock in most plants. Such a shock can greatly delay their development and can even kill them.

It is therefore better to use this cooler period for planning and preparation. Supply you with pots, soil and fertilizer and clean thoroughly your jardinières (flower boxes) from the last year. Flower pots will not only fulfill your desire to have the flowers more closer but will also give an extremely pleasant outdoor look to the balcony, eliminating in the same time the clutter feeling. Both plants and pot shape and color will give a distinct note to your balcony.

TIP: To have flowers all year round opt for different varieties, so that at any season you can enjoy the incomparable delicacy and beauty of natural flowers.

When you really start planting, you should consider the following things:


– Buy only healthy and well developed flowers, because they bloom earlier.
– Pots and ornamental flowers boxes should be large enough. For a 2 row planting, ornamental flowers should have a width and a depth of at least 7 inches (18 cm).
When you make plant combinations, consider growing power. Rapidly growing plants can overwhelm those with weaker growth. It is the best to put together just the ones that have the same characteristics in terms of power and speed of growth.
Summer patio plants need a good care to remain beautiful and bloom continuously. Plenty of water and regular fertilizer ratios are decisive. Remove dead flowers and dried leaves on a regular basis.

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Vegetables and Herbs:

If you have purchased several containers large enough where tomatoes, peppers, dill or parsley can develop easily, then you can grow these plants and herbs right in your balcony.

However, to enjoy your own fresh vegetables you will need roomy and deep pots. In addition, throughout the growth you will have to ensure them enough water. To avoid leaks put metal trays under pots.

Vertical Gardens:

Vertical gardens gain more ground, so if usable area of your balcony is quite limited, you can arrange a green space on its height. Hanging pots, wicker baskets or wooden supports will give birth to a luxuriant décor with a slightly rustic air.

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