Amazing Sunken Living Rooms

Any sunken living room seems like an old trend with a vintage design, but the truth is something else. Similar with fashion, sometimes there are moments when many interior design trends resurface. 

Sunken living rooms are these kinds of trends. They continue to be extremely popular, among architects and interior designers, especially in our days when open concept interiors are so popular as well.

After all a sunken living room is a smart idea for a large and open concept home interior. It creates a sense of space and separation in the same time, helping you to turn your living room into a comfortable and  inviting one.

The living room space will be on a lower level than the dining and kitchen areas, feeling open and cozy in the same time, even with the hardness of concrete flooring and exposed room structure. In an open-concept, a sunken living room balances the coziness of dining room and kitchen just beautifully.

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The sunken living room is a very intimate area, although it is a part of a larger space.  This sunken space is characterized not only by a recessed floor, but also by the sinuous design of seating area.

If you opt for the idea of a sunken living room, then you can choose from many design ideas. All of them are elegant and stunning, and are perfect for an open-concept home interior. Although many of these sunken living rooms have a retro look, they will perfectly integrate in the most contemporary houses.

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