Barn Wood and Your Home

After all barn wood is not a new kind of wood, or an exotic essence. When you look at a barn or demolish it, you do not think that the wood can be reused, except perhaps to build another temporary construction. Or perhaps more like firewood. But you make a big mistake.

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If for the owner of the barn, this old wood is a burden for others it is a treasure.

Because this salvaged wood antique by time and weather, is in high demand lately and even used by some Hollywood stars for their summer homes. Many contemporary houses are built and specially decorated to highlight the look of the old wood. And designers and decorators love this material because wood always bring that je ne sais quoi” in our house, and the little imperfections and knots create truly unique decorations that are full of history and charm given by the passage of time.

If you’re not convinced, there are also other arguments.

Smart Ways to Use Wood and Reclaimed Wood in Your Home (video)

  1. Reclaimed wood is considered an excellent building material and though comes from barns or other temporary constructions it can be surprisingly strong.
  2. It can be bought even 50% less than the new sawn wood or antiqued artificially.

If after these arguments you’re inclined to give it a chance, here are some ideas where you can use it successfully.

A Perfect Decoration for Your Garage or Workshop

If you want to renovate your garage, or you want to build a small addition to your home, reclaimed wood may be the ideal solution that will not affect your budget.

The best is that you can use even unpainted thus integrating better in the overall look.

You Can Bring the Warmth of Wood into Your Home

When I say heat, I don’t mean to throw wood on the fire in the fireplace.

You can use the bigger and more solid pieces of wood to make a cute coffee little table that will be the focal center in the living room. And if you have kids the better, because you never have to worry that they will damage any piece of furniture that cost you a large sum of money.

However, in kitchens and bathrooms is a lot of moisture, so it is recommended that wood to be protected. It is also recommended to use solid pieces of furniture that are less sensitive to the effects of humidity.

With this information, you can give rein to your imagination. For example you can use butcher’s table, both as a countertop in the bathroom and the kitchen. Or a piece of barn wood as a fireplace mantel. And the effects can be truly spectacular.

It’s Your Choice

When it comes to recycled wood there are no restrictions in use. Antique floors and even ceilings can be installed using salvaged wood. They look splendid if further highlighted by white walls.

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