Entrance furniture: creative solutions for your entrance (part 2)

Read the post and get inspired by the creative and beautiful entrance furnishing and decorating ideas for small and large entryways and find the right one that suits you and is perfect for your own home.

Here is the second part of “Entrance furniture: creative solutions for your entrance”.

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Beautiful entrances with smart entrance furniture

Let’s continue the second part with other smart ways to create a functional and beautiful entrance hallway.

Homemade entrance hallway notch

If your entrance hallway does not have a notch, you can simply and easily create one. A custom-build cupboard with large open storage space and closed cabinets on the sides it is a great solution. It gives a streamlined and nice look, making it possible to display your stuff. In this way, you can add personality to the hallway and at the same hide all the clutter.

Turn a cheap entryway furniture piece into something special

There are many available entryway furniture options on the market. Almost all of them have shoe cabinets. They also are affordable, fit for any budget. But just because a furniture piece is available to everybody and inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s not of good quality. It means that you should be inspired and creative in using it. In combination with beautiful decorative elements, make your home interior turn into a stylish living space.

An entrance hallway that enchants

There is nothing more enchanting than an entrance hallway where its space has created for comfort, elegance, and coziness. Actually, functionality is usually what determines the entrance hallway look. Therefore, when someone steps into an entrance hallway where the cozy and elegant elements have taken over functionality and practicality, it will surely make an impressive impression.

Entrance hallway made especially for shoe lovers

Have you a lot of shoes? Then you should know that you can have the perfect furniture cabinets for you! Under the hanging cabinet for outdoor clothes, can be a matching chest of drawers, where gloves, hats, shoes, and other small things can be stowed out of your way.

Alternative solutions for entrance furniture

Sometimes it is a good idea to think outside the box when looking for the right furniture for your entryway. For example, a nightstand can easily be turned into a shoe storage. Not to mention boxes and baskets that can be inserted into the hallway décor, providing in this way space for scarves, slippers, and gloves. Trinkets and keys can be hidden out of your way in decorative bowls and jars.

Avoid clutter with a storage bench

It’s great to be able to comfortably sit down when you have to put on or take off the shoes. Therefore, a beautiful storage bench is a practical furniture piece for any entrance hall. With a soft and nice cushion, it can be used both as a comfortable seating, and like a storage to make room for all your small stuff that otherwise will clutter up the space of your entrance hall.

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