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Decorating a bedroom can be both, fun and difficult at the same time

Yes indeed. Furnishing and decorating a bedroom can be fun, but at the same time can also be quite hard to know where to start.

There are an overwhelming number of styles, color choices, furnishings, and decorating accessories available for a contemporary master bedroom, not to mention the finishes and materials choice.

Modern bedroom in dramatic color palette

Before starting, you need to consider several key areas such as seating area, color palette, and storage options.

Maybe the new uploaded video can help you to find the right furnishing and decorating idea for your own master bedroom.

So, please watch the new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” , check out more than one hundred great designer ideas in 4K 60fps and get inspired.

100+ Beautiful Master Bedrooms | INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS #26 (video)

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Modern Bedrooms

But let’s go back to the master bedroom key areas:

1. Seating Areas

An elegant and spacious master bedroom should have a seating area. It gives a chic and exquisite style to the décor.

Depending on the size and style of your bedroom, you can add different types of seating from chaise longue, small sofas, and armchairs to recliners, attractive chairs, pedestal tables and even a daybed

It is better when you have a bay window. In this case you can consider a window seat. A bay window seat allows you to create a reading corner if you like to read or watch the outside view.

Photo by Authentic Window DesignDiscover bedroom design inspiration

2. Color Combinations

Certain color palettes are more suited for master bedrooms than others. The reason is obvious. Any bedroom should have a relaxing bedroom. It is the place where you relax, refresh, and rest.

There are recommended soothing colors like shades of white, blue, and silver in deep tones.

You can also consider burgundy, cobalt blue, chocolate brown, black, pink, gold, and teal.

Allow me to suggest you several color combinations:

  • burgundy, silver, and blue
  • chocolate brown, ivory, and teal
  • white, black, gold, and pink
  • sage green, mocha, and lavender
  • red, gray, black, and white
  • cream and aqua blue

These are just several color schemes fit for a relaxing master bedroom. You can find many other more. Watch our video and get inspired.

3. Storage

There are many options and solutions for bedroom storage.  The simplest one is wall mounted shelves.

You can also use a headboard that comes with built-in storage shelves and drawers or a storage chest at bed foot.

Baskets or underbed storage boxes are other smart storage solutions.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

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