How to furnish a beautiful small kitchen-dining room

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Take a look here, in this article, if you are looking for inspiration for a small, beautiful kitchen-dining room combination. We have selected for you a lot of inspiring design ideas and furnishing and decorating tips.

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You will see here, more than forty creative and inspiring kitchen/dining room open space ideas.

Think before decorating the kitchen/dining area.

One thing is to want to furnish and decorate the kitchen-dining room, another thing is to put in practice. If your makeover project doesn’t work, you will quickly find that every daily task can become a real burden. Therefore, before starting think about: the kitchen island, upper kitchen cabinets, dining table space, and acoustics.

Kitchen island is the modern factor in any contemporary kitchen. But often, especially in small open spaces you need to give up on it when you have to furnish and decorate a beautiful, small kitchen-dining room.

However, you can choose a mobile kitchen island that can be rolled aside when there is room for extra guests around the dining table.

Upper cabinets: In the last years, it has become more and more popular to avoid upper cabinets in the small kitchen-dining areas. A smart idea is to replace them with open shelves, where you can display your beautiful tableware and kitchenware.

Dining table space:  Before setting up your open space think carefully about which zones you frequently use in your kitchen. For example, where do you cut vegetables, where is there space for a juice extractor, blender, or coffee machine? Although it will be great to have tall cabinets and countertop to get extra storage, but in some cases, it is enough to get enough table space.

Acoustics is the biggest challenge with a kitchen-dining room. So many smooth surfaces, the small size of the room, and noisy kitchen appliances lead to disturbing noise. This makes it difficult to have a conversation, which is precisely the purpose of the kitchen-dining room. Therefore, it is a great idea to take in consideration this important factor when it comes to furnishing and decorating of your small kitchen/dining room open space.

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