Decorate Your Bedroom Asian Style

If you like classic interiors but you do not like too much, white and beige tones, then Asian style is the right style for you. You can use this decoration style in your bedroom and you get a room where you can relax and feel good.

Asian style bedroom will definitely become the center of your home, an area full of originality. Asian style can be successfully implemented anywhere whether you have a large bedroom or a small one.

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To get an Asian style bedroom you need to change the look of walls, floors and bedding, which are the key elements for this style.


Painting a bedroom in Asian style can be fun. All your dreaming dark colors can now be used successfully for painting your bedroom walls. However, red and golden are the best colour combinations for an Asian bedroom.

A dominant fiery red with some golden accents gives your bedroom a dramatic look. You can then furnish your bedroom with black pieces of furniture. You can also paint the bedroom walls in green and yellow for a fresh combination, or you can choose a combination of red and black, with accents of beige.


The bed should be the centerpiece of your Asian bedroom, so it is imperative to match this style. In addition, you must be careful with the linens that you use. Use luxurious linens, such as silk and satin. You can also choose very luxurious and decadent lace or brocade bedspreads.

Blankets with geometric patterns are ideal for such kind of bedrooms. However, use blankets in beige, black, brown, green or red colors for your Asian bedroom style.


Usually Asian furniture is low height furniture and is painted in dark colors. Black and brown tones are the best colors for Asian furniture. You can also opt for bamboo furniture that is perfect for Asian style.

If your bedroom walls are painted in green tones you can buy bamboo furniture, to give your room a calm and relaxing look. Also, you can use Asian brown bedroom furniture to match with the red or black objects.

However, to balance the dark tones you can use some furniture in shades of white or beige.

There are also market special sets of furniture that can fit in your Asian style. Thus, you will have a uniform decor.

In general, Asian-style furniture for your bedroom should be simple with clear and subtle lines that convey elegance and simplicity.


For your Asian bedroom, you can use special lamps, Asian style. Paper lanterns are beautiful in different colors and designs and that can give your bedroom an Asian accent. In addition, you can decorate your bedroom with Asian-style objects and accessories.

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