Beautiful Small Bathrooms | Creative Design Ideas

In our days, the bathroom is becoming more comfortable, more modern – and sometimes replaces the spa visit. We show you in this post several ideas for decoration and furnishing of a small bathroom and also give you tips on the bathroom design.

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Small Bathrooms and Powder Rooms | Interior Design | Maximize Your Small Living Space # 15 (video)

Light is extremely important and of course daylight is perfect for any bathroom regardless type or size, although it gets dark even with a large window. So, you need a proper light fixture. Ideal in a small bathroom is a side lighting of the mirror as well as a dimmable back-light. And if you can also install a heating bulb suitable for wet rooms above the shower, on the ceiling you will not be in the dark when your small bathroom will be filled with steam.

What to do, so that a small bathroom looks bigger?

You can find great ideas and inspiration in pictures and videos.

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