7 Steps to Get Friendly with a Shy Cat

One of the greatest desires of cat owners is to befriend fast with their lovely pets. Usually, cats are friendly and sociable but sometimes happen to deal with antisocial cats, who do not like to be taken in arms and caressed, due to the fact they have not had pleasant experiences with people.

A Lovely Pet
A Shy Cat

If you have this kind of cat, there are several recommended methods to change its behavior.

Maybe your cat will never turn into a very loving one, but your relationship will improve a lot.

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1. Take care of your cat carefully and gently. The first step that will help you to look your best cat intention is to give him good food, fresh water, fun toys and a litter that has to be clean frequently. When she is happy, be happy too and the mutual joy will improve your relationship.

Spend more time with your cat. She will understand that you are not only her master you are her friend, a food and support provider. In this way, she will feel safe around you. If it does not come to you to say hello, you go easy on it and show your affection. In time, she will get used with your love and will start looking for you.

If your cat is very scared, it is much better wait until she will come to you. Simply sit on the couch and speak softly to her and give her time to get used to the smell of you and with your voice. Lie down on the floor while talking to her, but do not look directly at her. If you want to accustomed her to the noises of the house, turn on your TV but only at a low level volume.

2. Be affectionate with your cat when she eats. Speak to her when you prepare her meals or when you open her food cans. When she starts eating, pat her easy to associate your affection with positive experiences.

3. Play together. Instead of embracing a suspicious and shy cat, it is much better to play together a little. You can use flashlights with laser light to test their hunter instinct.

4. Do Not staring at her. Non-verbal language is very important when you want to cooperate with your cat. If you look at your cat insistently she might perceive that as a threat. So it is wise do not look directly at her and blink a few times, as does she.

5. Do not force your cat to love you. Do not run after your cat when you want to play with her. It isn’t a good idea. She doesn’t behave like a dog. You will achieve an opposite result to the expected one. She will hide and will be difficult to resume again a good relationship. Also, DO NOT PUNISH a frightened cat.

6. Give her a reward. Every time you have a moment of tenderness, give him something good to eat. Thus, she will quickly understand that her affection is rewarded.

7. Your cat need an intimate space. A cat needs her own safety place, where she can retreat. When you are there, make sure you do not see and do not know where she is not never go near her comfort zone and do not try to remove here from there.