Paint the tiles – renew the bathroom quickly and affordably

Can you paint the old tiles in your bathroom?

The bathroom is the most expensive room in our house to update. However, if it is tiled and in good technical condition, and you want to modify the design and color, you could paint the tiles.

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How long does the paint stay on tiles?

Water-thinned urethane alkyd-based paint with excellent scratch and wear resistance, making it ideal for hard-use surfaces. It is also suitable for maritime applications.

This paint adheres to the surface and lasts indefinitely. I tested it, and as the paint solidified, I couldn’t peel it off.

It is critical that the tiles be thoroughly cleaned before applying the paint. It was an easy matter in this bathroom because the shower was not immediately on the wall.

It is not essential to prime before using this paint. It is advisable to smooth tile tiles as a preliminary treatment by sanding over with sandpaper as coarse as possible without causing scratches that become obvious in the paint coat.

Can I paint the shower area?

Yes! Painting in the shower area is also acceptable, but extra care must be taken to remove limescale, grease, and soap residue. When cleaning the joints, take extra care. And the paint must be adequately hardened before being sprayed on the wall. Allow at least two weeks for it to harden before utilizing the shower. If you do this, the paint will be able to endure the tension it is subjected to. He recommends glossier paint since it has a firmer surface and is easier to clean.

Painting the bathroom floor tiles.

The bathroom floor tiles were bright and totally fine, so they were maintained. However, painting floor tiles is not an issue. Then follow the same steps as for the tiles in the shower area: Before using the floor, thoroughly clean it, add enough paint, and allow it to harden completely.

However, aged silicone joints should be avoided. Because paint does not adhere to silicone, the existing joints must be removed. Before painting, a fresh grout line is set with a paintable grout.

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